iPhone companion app pairing

Running Zwift on my PCs which is hard wired to the wifi/router. With the phone on wifi I don’t see any options to use the app in the ride, I just see the list of others riding. Does the PC have to be connected to the router via wifi in order to have the companion app function?

Hi Rob,

Both the phone and the PC need to be on the same network, and be able to “see” each other (i.e. the PC can ping the iPhone). Once you start pedaling in Zwift, the PC will connect with the app automatically and you will see the in-game screen in the app.


They are on the same network, PC via hard wired connection and the phone via wifi. When I am in Zwift, the in-game screen never appears.

Hi Rob,

Ok, two things you can try:

  1. Ping the iPhone’s IP address from the PC you are running Zwift on.

  2. If #1 works, launch the Zwift iOS app and try to telnet from the PC to the iPhone’s IP on port 21587.

If either of those steps fail, there could be something preventing the game and app from communicating. I’d try restarting the router / modem / wifi access point as well as the iPhone just to rule out those.

If still having problems, please open a ticket at http://bit.ly/ZwiftSupport, mention my name, and we can try to figure out what the problem might be.


I have the same issue. From the app details on Zwift, they are talking about Internet Sharing. Can we have info on that?

you must create a home group and enable media sharing. This will allow it to work.

I just went through pinging and telneting to the phone. Both worked. However the app doesn’t work when I ride on zwift. It just shows the list of riders. Of course the laptop and iphone are both connected to the same network (and I can ping the iphone from the laptop). 

I’m having the same problem. I have a Bluetooth dongle now with the I.phone linked to the P.C the moble app does not work. I can see the list of riders but cant use the app.

You do not link the iPhone to the PC using Bluetooth, the link will be made over WiFi as long as the PC and the iPhone are on the same network.

I’ve had success by restarting my modem and router