Companion App and Zwift App - different network connection issue


My network map:

Home network:

  • 1st wire goes to my PC,
  • 2nd wire goes to my WiFi access point

I have my PC (box) connected directly to my network by the wire. PC does not have WiFi.
On the other hand I have my iPhone connected to the WiFi.

Is there a way to connect Companion App (iPhone) with Zwift App (PC) ?

Maybe some port forwarding made on my router ?

Are you having issues with this? I use a hardwired Apple TV for Zwift, and either iPhone or iPad to run Companion. No issues at all, since everything (hardwired ATV and wireless router) are on the same network.

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Companion App is a TCP Server (port 3023). Ensure you can reach local network iPhone IP and port from PC.