Companion app funny

can any one help here
zwift and companion app are both recently updated
I’m trialing a 5G home hub broadband (which is giving me in excess of 200Mb/s)
Its also the router and feeds my home Wifi
I have my appleTV connected by ethernet and my companion app on my iPhone via the wifi on the same network as shown by both ip address
my turbo, power pedals, and him are connected via the companion app bluetooth , and working fine
every thing on my companion app (dashboard, icons at bottom of scree, messages and every thing in “more” works
however on the map page there its no positional information, nor top right data (although all data is there on the ZCA dashboard) i can scroll around the map but can’t zoom. (power ups work)
how does zwift provide the other data? is there a port i need to unblock ?

Steve /… lost somewhere in Makuri .

forno apparent reason after 30min of riding ZCA now fully working!

any one know how zwift and companion app communicate ? several ports? bluetooth ?

The communication between the Zwift App and the Companion App happens over your local network.