Companion App and Maps/Messages

Hi All,

I connect my Wahoo Kickr Core to Zwift via my laptop Bluetooth connection.

I also want to/like to use the companion app during my ride for messages, ride ons etc. However, the map and messages don’t always load on the Companion App.

How can I get the maps to load on the companion app when I am connecting my trainer via bluetooth?

It self loads sometimes, but I can’t see an trend or process by which it does and doesn’t work. i.e. There is no button I press to get it to load.

I don’t connect my trainer via the companion app, as I had reliability issues previously and no can’t change the connection mode back.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance,


The connection between the Zwift Companion App and the Zwift app is done over your local network and not over Bluetooth.

You need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same router.

Another thing to try is to turn off cell data on the device that is running the ZCA.

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Thanks Paul,

I’ll try turning off the cell data, as they both connect to the same router.

Appreciate that. Cheers.