Companion App disconnects mid ride

For the last week I have been having a recurring issue in which during the ride the bike stops because there no information coming from my Kickr or HRM, hence, I am guessing it is a disconnection from the Companion App.

Today I even had the issue of the Companion App asking me to log in again and furthermore, my ride being stuck as ongoing while it had already ended.

Any ideas or thoughts?


Are you connecting your Kickr and/or HRM through the Companion app, as opposed to directly to the device on which you are running Zwift? If so, is it possible for you to connect directly to the PC, Mac, iOS/Android device, Apple TV, or whatever you are using to actually run Zwift, instead of going through the Companion app? My feeling is that the Companion app should only be used to connect devices after exhausting other options (like with the Apple TV limit on 2 BT devices connected). This keeps the Companion app as an ancillary app, as opposed to a necessity.

Thank you Nigel,

Unfortunately, I have not been able to connect my BT devices to my MacBook Pro, any suggestions?

My suggestion, which may either be amplified or contradicted by some of the forum regulars, would be to invest in an ANT+ dongle and extension cable. This would allow you to connect directly to the Mac. And additional expense, but there seem to be a number of comments about BT interference.

You might also look into what is causing the Companion app to disconnect so frequently. If you are running ZC on a phone, you may want to turn off the cellular link while Zwifting and just use WiFi. (There are some threads about the cellular and WiFi competing for signal, causing ZC to lose connection when on cellular because it has to be on the same network as the Zwift app to run.

You might also change your WiFi router to run on a fixed channel instead of ‘best channel’ so that it is not regularly changing broadcast channels. The changing can also cause issues, as whatever device on which you’re running ZC gets momentarily disconnected from the network during the switch.

That’s all I’ve got, I think. Hopefully this will help, or someone else will come along with a better solution.

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I will start by trying to ZC on Wifi only and the router change.

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