Companion device disconnections depending on laptop?

Device connection troubleshooting here…
My setup works fine with Zwift on a 2012 Mac with devices paired using Bluetooth via Companion on my Android phone.
But, when I switch to a recent Windows 10 laptop to run Zwift, I experience connection drops to my trainer and HR sensor. Devices pair, stay connected for less than a minute, I have to go to the pairing screen again. All this while still pairing through the Companion. That’s the part I don’t get. Only the laptop changed, and connection to devices are handled by the phone in both cases.
I thought maybe the laptop Bluetooth was interfering, disabled it, still experience device drops.
Any help is appreciated.
I don’t want to go Ant+, for sure there’s a way to use the new laptop without it the same way it works great with the old.
Zwift graphic are very nice on that new laptop, that’s why I want to switch to it :slight_smile:

This isn’t the solution to your problem but does your laptop not have bluetooth? could you connect it directly?

Tried that, same connection drop issues. Forgot to mention it. Thanks

Do you know if the wifi connection to both your phone and laptop is decent? Do the other riders disappear briefly at all? this can be a sign your internet connection has dropped.

If nothing else in your set up has changed it shouldn’t be an issue between your phone and trainer.

Edit - just to add - if you have unlimited data on your phone then i find hotspotting off my phone to the laptop/PC works best for me to get the fewest drop outs when using the CA bridge.

How far away from the router is your setup? If the newer laptop isn’t getting as good of a network connection you could be having signal drops on the WiFi end, especially if you have any streaming services running at the same time

Laptop and phone are side by side on a music stand. Both have excellent wifi signal, the router is one floor up, right above my cycling setup. Fiber internet.

It occured on Tuesday when setting up for ZRL race. I was trying to stream, plus using zoom (audio only) on my phone and computer, so network was somewhat busy. But again, it worked fine in those conditions with the old Mac.

I’ll check next time whether other riders disappear and I’ll continue to experiment.