Can't stay connected to trainer signals

Had issues for the past week where the hub will not stay connected to either the companion app or direct to my mac book. This has rendered it useless. No support is offered during core UK hours which is unacceptable when I purchased the device from the UK and it was shipped from the UK.

When I do get it connected to the companion app it stays connected until I go off of the Zwift hardware screen. On the mac book it connects for about 10 seconds and then drops out again. All apps and firmware are up to date.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Adam_Chipchase welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift more generally.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs on my end, and noticed that you have logged simultaneously into the game from two devices, a MacBookAir8,1 and an iPhone13,3. Don’t do that. In fact, if you want to use the laptop as your main Zwift computer, uninstall the Zwift game app from your iPhone and you can’t accidentally run into issues with concurrent logins. I’m talking here about the game app, not the Companion app. Companion should be installed on your iPhone and will expand the functionality of the main app.

Then - make sure your trainer is not paired to the macOS setting in the way you’d pair a set of earbuds. You pair your trainer after you’ve logged into the Zwift game app. This applies to every trainer, not just the Zwift Hub trainer.

Also be sure that there isn’t another app already paired to your trainer’s Bluetooth signals before you log in to Zwift. Some more details to watch for are on our Support Hub.

In my own experience, I had random signal drops Zwifting on my laptop while I was running Garmin Connect on my smartphonne, and it would rob the signal from Zwift. Not to pick on Garmin - other apps can do the same thing. Be aware of this and look for other fitness apps that might get in the way, even if they’re installed on separate devices.

Would you loop back to let us know if these things cleared it up for you?



Thanks for the response. The actual Zwift game wasn’t running on my iPhone it was the companion app. Call

Can I not have the game installed on more than one device?



You can, but it seems like you are logging into the game simultaneously which is bad. To rule that possibility out, uninstall the game from your phone.

OK uninstalled the game from my iphone. Started Zwift on the mac and companion app on the phone, connected fine for the first 2 minutes. It then dropped out and when I went onto the zwift hardware section on the companion app the hub shows as unavailable.

Managed to connect directly to the game this time and worked OK, but is there a big or something that is causing connection drops on the companion app? Everything is up to date on zwift, phone and hub, I also closed garmin connect to make sure that wasn’t robbing any signal.

If the Mac grabs the connection then it’ll show unavailable in the companion app. Personally I haven’t used the option to have the companion app broadcast the hub signal. I just connect it direct to my PC and use the companion app to just track the ride after. Haven’t seen any issues that way. I think other than it being able to tie in HR and broadcast that with the Zwift data, there isn’t an advantage to broadcasting through the App.

I’m using the older 3.9 firmware too.

The Mac isn’t grabbing the connection as you have to go in and change if it connects via the app or the game itself. It worked without the companion app so that’s the main thing. Just slightly annoying as my Mac is out of reach when I’m riding!