Connection Issue - "Connected 'NO SIGNAL'

This is now the second post I have made regarding this.

I continue to get a ‘connection failure’ notice and lose all trainer input during every ride, multiple times.

When I go into the pairing screen my trainer, cadence and controllable all display "Connected ‘NO SIGNAL’.

This is honestly beyond frustrating. To the point I’m thinking of giving up on Zwift.

I’d really appreciate your advice. TY

That’s no fun.

Can you give us more details about the system and how you pair.

Suuuuper annoying.

Thanks Gerrie.

Using a Mac. Latest OS. Latest Zwift.
Tax Neo (latest firmware)
Connect via bluetooth.

Have you tried another blue tooth connection?

Move the blue tooth connection closer to the trainer.

Eliminate all other sources of interference.

Or consider using Ant+ which historically has always been more stable.


Things to try:

  1. Use an ANT+ adapter. Get one with an extension cable. No drivers are needed - the mac has it built in. Get the receiver very close to your trainer.

  2. Erase all Bluetooth settings including deleting the plist file

im having the same issues. constantly stopping my workouts.
i unpair, repair, delete app, reinstall, works for 10-15 min then quits again.
is there a cable connection method to eliminate this ?

Hi @Erik_Peddle

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Can you give us more details about the system and how you pair.

Running updated zwift on 2023 iPad pro, un-installed and re-installed apps , updated everything, turn off BT on other devices,

is there a cable i can connect from my 2023 wahoo kicker trainer direct to my laptop or iPad ?

If it’s a Kickr V5, V6, or MOVE trainer, you can use DirectConnect or WiFi to pair it. (The V5 does not have WiFi.) DirectConnect can be used with an Ethernet cable, which could be directly connected to the PC if you want, or you can cable it to a router or switch. iPads also support Ethernet adapters, but I don’t know if it has adequate network configuration features to use that with an Ethernet cable direct to the Kickr.