Windows 10, Bluetooth Wahoo Kickr Core, No SIgnal

Hi, I have been using Zwift on windows 10 just fine for 2 months, then for some reason today it seems to connect but I get “No Signal” and it doesnt connect the controllable trainer either.

I can get it all to work fine on a iPad,

I have verified, that any other device is NOT connected to the trainer, by turned them off, I have rebooted everything, uninstalled then reinstalled zwift, turned trainer off for minimum 30 seconds.

Also, should this all work with windows 10 or not?, because mine was working, but if you read online it says it shouldnt, but those articles are about a year old.

I also cant find an exact “how to” on how to bridge with the companion ios App?.or does it just do it automatically?. but regardless that doesnt seem to work anyway, or share the info with the app.

Help!.. anything else I can try?