Wahoo Kickr Core

I have been using a Kickr Core without any issues in training programs using ERG mode.

Ever since the Zwift update last week, every session I do now at least once at the end of a block the trainer drops out of ERG mode and will not pick it back up again. The only solution I have is to switch trainer off at the mains and reconnect. The training plan resumes ok but it is a real pain.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not having this issue with my kickr core, how are you connecting to Zwift? Bluetooth or ant+?

Bluetooth between MacBook Pro and Kickr Core.

There is no predicting it, it happens at the end of a block where the power is about to change.

This might be something to do with bluetooth, can you try ant+?

No, I don’t have an ANT+ dongle.

I don’t understand why it worked spot on until the most recent update.

I had so many problems with bluetooth that I stopped using it and switched to ant+ many months ago, no more signal drops or issues ever since!

I suggest you give it a try. Zwift and bluetooth, especially on windows 10, just doesn’t seem to get along well.


Since the update yesterday I am no longer able to connect to my Kickr Core via Bluetooth on Windows 10.

Please not now! I am desperate for this training in this times where I can’t leave the house!

No, I don’t have an ANT+ dongle, nor am I able to buy one.

The Powersource finds the Kickr Core but says “No signal”
Cadence and Smart Trainer are not even found.

Got another Zwift Update an hour ago (2 updates in 2 days?). Did a reboot of the machine afterwards as devices were still not found and power-cycled the trainer. After that pairing was possible again.

connect/pair through the companion app and give it a try