Two trainers. Nothing works now

Have a kickr. Works great. Love it. Use erg mode for training. Bought my wife one - see it up today. Now, nothing works right. Her speed is completely unrealistic and it’s too hard for her to pedal. She’s an Ironman so knows what riding should feel like. My erg mode no longer works now. Tried turning everything off and then back on. Same problem. Now hers is too hard to use, I’m disappointed after talking up Zwift and the kickr trainer, and I can’t do my workouts. Any ideas on how to fix this? I’m running on my PC and a dongle like I usually do and she’s using her iPad with Bluetooth. Oh yeah, and every time I log on even after pairing and selecting ride, I’m now defaulting to run - this is after I did my first run yesterday. Nothing is working right :frowning:

Hi are you running them concurrently as it may be a bluetooth issues i had as was bouncing between trainers. May be worth deleting and re adding the zwift and Kickr apps. I found when running both trainers at same time as partner the Bluetooth was conflicted.

It seems there must be a way for two people to ride in the same room at the same time. We put people in space so I’m hoping my little problem is doable. Is the dongle causing a problem? I’m terrible with technology and it all seems so confusing

What dongle are you using? Ant+ or Bluetooth? Is it on an extension cable so it can sit right under your trainer?

You may need to space them out more so the signals aren’t interfering with each other.

This might be the “spiral of death” if she is in a workout with ERG enabled. Read about it here:

Thanks Mike - she is not in erg mode. I use an ant dongle. I’m spaced out as far as we can be