ERG mode during workout on PC is not working

Hello, everyone,

I am quite new on Zwift and have already a support need. :slight_smile: While doing a workout the ERG mode is not working. The trainer is connected properly and Zwift shows the power. However the power is not “steered” via Zwift and it does not gets changed.

When I use Zwift with the iPhone App it is working properly. So I assume that there is not a problem with the Kickr.

Do you have any tipps what to do to make it working on the PC? I already reconnected the trainer several times.


  • Zwift on PC, latest Version, Windows10
  • Wahoo Kickr, connected via Bluetooth directly with the PC

Thank you and best regards

Hi @Philipp_Maucher

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Did you pair the trainer as power and controllable?

Hello @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
Thank you for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes, I did. It is shown top left as trainer and bottom right as controllable. When I remeber correctly the “controllable” connection was performed automatically.

Good now that we got the asy stuff out of the way.

check the forum for Kickr firmware. You may need to downgrade the firmware.

One other hint is to rather use ANT+ on PC.

Thanks. I will do so. Is there a way to downgrade the software easily? Or do I have to reinstall and find an older install.exe on the forum?

Hold off on that Phillip, the kickr firmware downgrade has been shown to help fix reversed gradient issues (not ERG mode problems) but I think that is mostly with iOS devices, not Windows 10.

I have a feeling that the trainer might be getting interference from your phone. I would try again with your phone powered off before attempting to downgrade the Kickr firmware.

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Thanks for jumping in @Mike_Rowe1 .

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