No ERG Mode in Zwift Plan?

i dont think its a bug. Its more that i need support finding the setting.

Since now i did a couple of inbuild and custom workouts.
ERG mode always was great and running flawless.

Today i started the FTP Builder plan.
In the prep workout the ERG mode was not working somehow.

It was super stressy to hold exactly the power range…
Do i have to enable that extra?

Have you paired the Controllable device on your trainer?

Please tell us a lot more about your setup.

Dear @Steve_Hammatt
Thank you for your answer .
Yes its paired and its normally workinge fine. In single Zwift Workouts.

Wahoo Kickr Snap (latest update), Zwift Windows, Connection Via bluethooth.
Kickr connected successfully as controllable Device.
Latest Update on Kickr Snap.
I use also the compagnion app on iOS.

But on Traingplans ERG mode is not working. And i dont know how to enable

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