Is Erg Mode Functioning in Workout Mode?


I have a Kickr 17 and been using Zwift for a month. I connect the trainer, the cadence, and heart monitor via Bluetooth through the Zwift mobile link app to Zwift running on a MacBook.

When I select workout mode and/or create my own workout, I do not see an option to select erg mode, which I understand should be available from the workout screen since I’m on a Kickr 17. While riding a workout, it seems as though I am in erg mode based on what I’m seeing in the pop-up control menu (pause, up/down, next, etc.). But when I ride, the power level is not held firm but rather moves around such that I am chasing it (i.e., given prompts to increase or decrease power – challenging to stay in a zone where Zwift seems “happy”). I was under the impression the power level / resistance would be held rather firmly. Or is this the case only when running straight erg mode outside of Zwift (e.g., the Wahoo Fitness app)?

So, can you confirm if I am indeed in erg mode and, if so, is this behavior normal?

Many thanks – Stu

The Controllable Sensor must be set to “Wahoo FE-C” at the sensor pairing screen. Set that when you log in, or press A in game to go to the sensor pairing screen. Erg mode is not available unless Zwift is connected to a controllable trainer.

Got it.  The kickr was paired as the power source but not as the controllable.  All seems good now.  Many thanks!