No erg mode on Kickr after revent update

After one of the recent updates I lost erg mode on my Kickr v4. As well as no set power in work outs, spin downs in Zwift always fail. I get the same whether using ipad or pixel phone to run Zwift, so assume the problem is related to new app version or something on the trainer.
Trainer firmware is up to date and oddly spin downs seem to work ok in the Wahoo app.
Could be coincidence, but noticed Zwift now detects the Kickr as a power source + resistance, whereas before I’m sure it was power source + controllable.
Can’t see any similar posts so any advice welcome.

Resistance is the new name for Controllable

You might try reinstalling Zwift or pairing via the Companion app to see if there’s any change

Otherwise probably contact Zwift support