Zwift unable to control Kickr

I’ve got a 2018 Kickr and run Zwift on Windows 11, pairing via the companion app on Android.

Within the past month, Zwift has not been able to control the resistance in either erg or free ride modes. Erg mode just doesn’t work at all and free ride mode seems to “invert” resistance relative to grade. Climbing is fine but I can’t ride on the flats or descent without the Kickr more or less locking up.

I’ve done a factory and normal spindown from the Wahoo app and a spindown within Zwift, but it hasn’t helped.

Meanwhile, I’ve tried out Wahoo RGT which is able to find my devices instantly via my laptop’s built-in Bluetooth and it can control the resistance. All signs point to a regression in Zwift.

Have you checked to make sure all firmware is up to date? I’m guessing you have as you’ve been in the wahoo app already but it might be worth checking to see if your Kickr has the latest firmware… I had one a few months ago.

I have the same problem in races but not workouts. In the last race I did I was in my hardest gear with my legs going like bees wings and I couldn’t put out more than 220 watts. I couldn’t sprint or climb out of the saddle as no resistance. And the Kickr was LOUD. I’ve checked numerous other posts but they are either not on point or a bit techie. I’m running a Kickr with an iPad Mini and the companion app on an iPhone 14. I’ve checked/done the calibration spin downs in both Wahoo and Zwift and all software and apps are up to date. I’m considering sacking off Zwift as it’s not currently fit for purpose.

Same issue here. I’ve done regular and factory spin downs, the Kickr works totally normal with resistance changes in RGT, but when I get to Zwift there’s no resistance. I’ve checked all firmware, everything is up to date. I’ve also tried every trick ranging back to 2018 when it seems this issue began. My Kickr doesn’t have an option to calibrate with Zwift, so I’m curious is @Zwift is working on an update for this? I love Zwift and don’t want to switch to RGT:(

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Any updates on this? I am experiencing similar issues through the companion app on iOS