Kickr core low resistance [Kickr Core f.v 1.0.10] [March 12, 2024]

Hi all,

I have updated my kickr snap to a kickr core but now when I start with Zwift The resistance on flat or downhill feels much lower then in the Snap.

How can i get my resistance higher?
I saw a couple post about thid issue but no clear sollution.

I hope somebody can help or else i have to go back to me Kickr Snap.

I also cant find my ERG mode button,it’s paired as contrable

Welcome to Forums @Danny_Van_Hee. It’s Juan here from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your concerns regarding the issue with the resistance on your Wahoo Kickr Core.

I took a look at your account and noticed that your are running your Wahoo Kickr Core is the firmware version 1.0.10. The firmware is software that physically manages the hardware because it is responsible for activating the different functions that make it possible for the trainer to turn on, as well as executing the commands to start the operating system.

I’d like to suggest you update the firmware to the latest one by clinking here. There you will be able to update it to Firmware v1.4.8, which was launched on March 05. The good news here is that the Automatic spindown calibration has been improved.

Let’s give it a shot. Please try to pair the trainer as controllable to access the ERG mode. Please check this article to learn more about it.

If you need further assistance, please contact us to support. We will be delighted to help you.

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Ty, I will do this !