ERG Mode Disappearing


I have a Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer (the new, 2016 version).  I am using it with Zwift, on a powerful laptop with an ANT+.

All seems fine, unless I have to stop mid-workout for a minute.  When I recommence riding, ERG seems to have stopped, and it’s impossible to get my cadence up to a decent level without hitting about 550W (which is not sustainable for me).  Once it starts this, nothing can get ERG back to working, not even exiting and re-starting the program.

Finally, I note that, when I pair my Kickr, it gives me two choices (in both the “power source” and “controllable trainer” boxes):  “Kickr 29107,” and “Wahoo FE-C 29107.”  I had selected “Wahoo FE-C 29107” for one of them, but when I changed that so that both are “Kickr 2907,” it seems to work as it should–ERG is lost when I stop, but easily regained when I pedal at a steady state for a few seconds.

Does it actually matter which I pair with?  Any other thoughts?

same issue. searching for solution. I have tried to “pause” the workout before stopping but that is not always possible AND often does not work AND the iOS app often fails to re-pair with the program. Some days very reliable- other days the iOS app (yes, on same WiFi network) simply will not connect. 

Both selections under Power and Controllable Trainer need to be the same in order for everything to work properly. If you had one as Kickr 29107 and the other as Wahoo FE-C 29107, it would explain why you had issues. I’d have to ask why it broadcasts as both, but as long as they’re the same, you shouldn’t have issues.

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