Trainer goes into erg mode during ride

I have a very odd situation. Occasionally when I am riding alone or with a robo pacer, my KICKR BIKE will change to erg mode on its own. The other odd thing is that this only happens when on a decline. It is like someone through a monkey wrench into my workout.
The only work around I have for this when it happens is to put the bike in locked mode and manually adjust the tilt to 0%. Then I can finish my ride.

This just started happening after the last update to 1.42
Currently on a Wahoo KICKR BIKE. Using an Apple TV 4K model A1842 with TV OS 16.5

Hi @David_Kalinka

Welcome back to the forums. Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Check the bike trainer firmware in the Wahoo app and make sure that’s up to date. Check your surrounding area for anything that could cause signal interference. If you’re still having this issue, try pairing through the Companion app as a a bridge and see if that helps, or if it’s still happening. You can also try a fresh install of the app, following the steps in this article.

Reach out to our support team if you’re still having this issue after trying all of those things I mentioned above.

We have a rider who races with us frequently.

He is on his 3rd Zwift Hub trainer because this keeps happening while he is in the pen for a race.

Some kind of ERG mode kicks in and he cannot do more than 100W or so, then suddenly he is on 300W without pedalling, etc etc.

We’ve been trying to diagnose it with him for weeks, it is a very frustrating problem, and as stated, replacement trainers have not fixed the issue either.

do they have a garmin head unit that is pairing to the the trainer? they can set the wattage target for trainers - might be fighting for control of the trainer

you need to pair the trainer as power source and speed/cadence not as a trainer if you want to record data on it while on zwift

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Hi John

Thanks for the suggestions. Before posting on the forum, I had checked the bikes firmware and all associated software. Everything was up to date.

This is an odd issue because it is not consistent and I never know when erg mode will kick in during a ride. Unfortunately I can not determine if the issue is related to hardware or software.

Thanks again.


Hi Gareth

Thanks for the info. Now I know that this has happened to another rider with a completely different setup is helpful.

In my case, erg mode kicks in when I am on a decline. Very odd.