ERG mode dosen't appears

I bought a wahoo kickr smart trainner v5 and when I go to do a training session ton app Zwift (apple TV) he ERG mode does not come up, on the other hand if I use the Wahoo application the ERG mode works for me.

Can someone help me please?


Hi @Magui_G

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Did you pair the trainer as Power source and Controllable.

Hi @Magui_G

In addition to what Gerrie asked, I’m also curious to know if you’re running any other apps and/or devices (e.g. other cycling apps on a tablet or phone) simultaneously with Zwift. Specifically, you mentioned that you’re using the Wahoo app, and if so you might consider force closing that app while you’re using Zwift. Otherwise, as I understand it, the Bluetooth LE (BLE) signal might be stolen from the Zwift app, and potentially causing issues.

Also, have you updated the firmware of your KICKR? If not, please try that, and you can find information in this article.

Lastly, with KICKRs I’ve found that shutting them off for a few minutes (e.g. unplug the power cord) and then turning them back on can be helpful if the device gets into a buggy state. Try that too. You may need to force close, and restart Zwift on your Apple TV after you’ve reset the KICKR.

Hope that helps!