ERG Mode and Zwift Structured Workouts (Apple TV)

I really like using the Zwift structured workouts. Recently something has been updated and now ERG mode doesn’t work. It used to work… I’m know what ERG mode does and what it feels like. I just can’t get it to hook up. It says ERG is on but it’s not.

What am I using?
Apple TV 4k Current versions.
Zwift Companion Current versions.
Kickr 2020 Current version.

What have I tried?
-Deleting Apple TV and Zwift Companion Apps.
-Down grading Kickr to firmware 4.1.2
-Controlling kickr with Wahoo app and selecting ERG (works perfectly).
-Emailing zwift support. They asked me to get logs and directed me to this site which says you can’t get logs for Apple TV. I’ve since sent several emails and no reply.

Any ideas?

This seems to be the same issue a lot of people with the new kicker v5 (2020) are experiencing. Some advice to downgrade kickr firmware from the newest 4.2.1 to the previous one.

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See above… I have already downgraded the Kickr 2020 to version 4.1.2.

So I just did an interesting experiment though. I ran the zwift app on my iphone. Worked absolutely perfectly!

I then tried the apple TV again… same as usual… no erg despite it thinking it was on.

I wonder if somehow your phone is interfering when you’re using Zwift on your Apple TV. Have you tried deleting the Wahoo app from your phone temporarily and then trying on ATV?

Devices that aren’t involved in the process have their bluetooth turned off.

So yesterday I did what zwift support asked. I updated the kickr2020 back to the current firmware. No difference. I tried a different appletv. No difference.

I ended up running zwift on my ipad and screen mirroring to the appletv. It’s not great but ERG works absolutely perfectly. I guess it’s all I’ve got for the moment. Zwift support have not at this point acknowledged the issue so I guess I can’t expect it will be fixed any time soon.

It would be super helpful if anyone with a kickr and AppleTV could give this a go on one of their structured workouts.

I have a similar problem with workouts since the last upgrade. I’m part way through the 12 week build me up series. ERG does not work. I’m using elite suito, stages power meter direct to apple tv on my tv. All firmware up to date. I was advised that the problem was referred to the next level of help but days have gone by with no response.
I can complete workouts by manipulating the gears up and down and paying attention to rpm. Workouts do not save but disappear on the weekly display. The space where the workout should appear is completely blank
I would welcome the admission that this is s programming problem. I would like a response to my inquiries through the help desk. Right now I have been ignored.

I’m not getting much from Zwift support on this either. They asked me to update my kickr to the current firmware (I had downgraded it as a test). I did this and it was of course no different. I tried a different appleTV. No change. I found that it all worked perfectly if paired to my ipad. I told zwift support and it’s been three days so far.

But… the workaround I’ve found is to pair run the game on an ipad or iphone, and screen cast to your apple Tv. ERG works perfectly that way. It’s a bit of a kludge… but it’s a workaround.

Can you try this and report back?

Thanks for your response and suggestions. No I phone and no I pad. I’m not particularly techie on workarounds. I’m able to satisfy my need to complete workouts by gearing up and down with an eye to rpm to get a good workout in.

I think that tech support has let us down.

Thank you so much all! I have a work around!!!

The workaround is to not use zwift companion to provide bluetooth. If you just use the bluetooth on the appletv it works perfectly!

So in summary it works perfectly for AppleTV directly, and for the ipad directly. However not with Appletv and zwift companion bluetooth. Clearly it’s some issue with the pairing of AppleTV and Zwift companion for bluetooth.

The downside is it limits you to two devices but I can live with that. You can still use the companion app but just not for bluetooth. I can work with this. Hopefully someone at Zwift is watching this and does a fix.

Tech support recommend I delete zwift app on Apple TV and reinstall. Erg problem resolved.

As I said in the first post, one of the first thing I did was delete zwift from all devices. Didn’t make a difference for me I’m afraid.

I’m glad it helped you though.

Just to confirm - I updated both the appleTV app and the zwift companion app and tried again. It’s still not fixed. Erg workouts just don’t work.

However the workaround of pairing the trainer direct to the apple TV (not through zwift companion) still works a treat. I guess I don’t need to steer in a workout anyway!

I have the exact same problem which I have communicated to Zwift support and I have been given a web page to go to in order to be communicated when there is a solution found. I have made several attempts for further support with no answer back. I am using a 2018 Kickr and Ipad 5th gen and all software are up to date. Yesterday I deleted the app and reloaded it. No change

Can you try pairing direct from the appleTV and report back?

You can still use companion app - just not for bluetooth.

I just received Apple TV for Christmas and experiencing this problem. Very frustrating as I received the Apple TV as gift to use exclusively for Zwifting and I love the structured workouts. Any progress?