ERG mode on Apple TV 4K with 2018 Kickr not working

I ride a brand new (that’s another story) 2018 Kickr paired to a current version Apple TV 4k. I pair the Kickr for power, controllable, and cadence and then I’ve got a Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor; all connections made through Bluetooth.

I’ve been using the Apple TV since my laptop hard drive crashed a year ago in March and up until now I’ve had very few problems. I got the new Kickr (my third) because the previous one, which I purchased in December 2019 because it’s quieter than my old 2016 Kickr was, failed and was replaced by the company.

In January I completed the 4-week FTP builder on Zwift using ERG mode whenever possible and never had any problems. My previous Kickr failed in early February so I had a little over a week during which I wasn’t riding at all. Last night was my third ride on my replacement Kickr and the first one in which I tried to use ERG mode, and ERG mode was showing as being engaged but it had no effect on the resistance the unit was putting out and my power chart was all over the place.

As additional detail points, I recently upgraded Zwift because as an Android user Apple wouldn’t let me download apps or update existing apps, and the girlfriend whose Apple credentials I used to initially install Zwift and get running on Apple TV is long since out of the picture, so using my current girlfriend’s Apple credentials I downloaded the most current version of Zwift and also updated the actual Apple TV as well, so everything (including the Kickr firmware) is as current as possible.

I was able to complete the workout using the Android version of Zwift, but I’d much prefer to have it on my television and be able to just run the companion app on my phone, not to mention I couldn’t make out the more detailed text on my phone’s screen during the workout.

Anyway, hopefully this is enough detail to explain the situation and hopefully there’s an easy fix so that I can get ERG mode working again on Zwift through my admittedly crappy Apple TV unit.

Hi did this ever get resolved? Curious because i am having near identical problems with the same tech set up.

Nope, I never heard a peep but I sort of fixed it by unplugging both my Kickr and my Apple TV, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging them back in. It’s like it needed a hard reset (I think it was the Apple TV, personally) to forget it was on ERG mode.

Hope that helps.