Toggle erg on Apple TV mid event

(Ian) #1

Can I switch erg mode on and off on Apple TV mid event?

(Lin) #2

If you mean during a workout, then yes. Two options:

  • Use the Companion app.
  • Swipe up on the Apple TV remote. Select the appropriate button from the popup menu bar.
(Ian) #3

Thanks. I should have been more precise about why I’m asking.

On tour de Zwift stage 6 I was stuck in erg mode climbing the Alpe. I was probably stuck the whole event but given the varying pace early on I don’t think I recognised it. My power looked so smooth people commented.

It had happened in a race also earlier in the week (that one I just could not increase the cadence to give enough power, so I quitted).

So the real issue appears to be in a race or stage race, stuck in a “constant incline” mode - so the cadence can vary the power and that’s it.


(Lin) #4

If you’re doing a race, event (e.g., TdZ) , or a regular ride there is no erg mode to enable or disable. Erg mode is only available if you are doing a workout.

What specific trainer are you using? Does your bike have a power meter?

(Ian) #5


The event was

You can see the screenshot showing power and comment from colleague. It’s just I know I can’t cycle the Alpe that smoothly. I have to say it really helped my time though - but that’s a little “cheaty”…

My setup is Apple TV 4k. iPad with Companion app, and Kickr version 1. As all my rides, Kickr and Wahoo HRM syncs to ATV and Wahoo Cadence syncs to Companion app (to avoid costly HRM dropout causing race DQs!)

Earlier in the week my power froze at around 300W - so I abandoned a race.

All were restarted prior to start of events. Including Kickr.


(Lin) #6

Assuming the Kickr is paired correctly (see below), sounds like you had some kind of resistance hiccup or tickled a Zwift bug.

Power – Kickr (FE-C option)
Controllable Trainer – Kickr (FE-C option)

Been a while since I had a Kickr, but be sure to select the FE-C option if it shows more than one option when pairing.

With the Apple TV, make sure you force quit the Zwift app after each ride. You can do this by double clicking the button with the tv icon and then swiping up. You should also force quit the Companion app on your iPad after each session. Doing both of these will help to eliminate some issues.

Lastly, I highly recommend manually double checking that your TV OS (updated yesterday), Zwift app, iPad (updated yesterday), and Companion app are all running the latest versions.

That said… The Apple TV 4K and my NEO have been an awesome combo for me. Previously, I had a Kickr v1 but that was before the Apple TV. Currently another buddy who bought my old Kickr v1 is also using it with an Apple TV and finds it to be a solid combo.

(Ian) #7

I like the “tickled a zwift bug" bit!

I usually do exactly as you suggest to start each ride (i.e. force quit/restart)

I am not sure I know what you mean by pairing using FE-C. I get that BLE and FE-C are different but not sure I’ve ever seen the option given to me to choose (I just checked). I just get presented on my ATV 4K with a choice of pairing through the ATV or the Companion app.

I use the ATV 4K for Power/Speed and for HR, and the Companion app for cadence as the latter is more likely to drop as my ipad can and does crash with Zwift after 45 mins to 1 hour (totally separate problem btw….I simply restart the iPad and reconnect the less important cadence, which of course I couldn’t do with power, not without interrupting a race or losing the draft.

I’ve not had any issue in the last 2 weeks, so hope it was a relatively unique scenario (touch wood). I too have found in the last year the Kickr 1 and ATV combo pretty solid.

Just wondering - I may have rebooted my Kickr prior to the 2 occasions (once back from holiday, once just on a whim…): I rarely do this, but wondering if the act of rebooting the Kickr directly before the ride could have introduced something into the equation. For example if it takes time for the Kickr to “settle” this could be taking place while connecting to the other devices.

Anyway - no issues lately on races or even 2+ hour group rides so I’m happy for now.

Thanks as always for an excellent and responsive support service.


(Lin) #8

I’m not sure why I mentioned ANT+ since you are using an Apple TV. Brain fart?!

Anyway, I would pair the Kickr directly to the Apple TV for both power and controllable trainer. I would also pair the HRM directly to the Apple TV. Cadence… if you have to have it, pair it thru the Companion app. If you don’t pair cadence at all, Zwift will simulate cadence which might be spot on or way off. I’ve seen both!

As I said before, after each Zwift session always force quit both the Zwift app on the Apple TV as well as the Companion app on your iPad. And again, check that you are running the latest versions of everything.

With the Kickr I would warm up with 10-15min of riding, do a spindown calibration, then do my Zwift session. Afterwards, I would do another spin down calibration. If you aren’t moving it around and leave it plugged in, I found that the calibration was fine even after a month. I would compare the Kickr power vs my on bike powermeter. But if you’re moving it around and/or unplugging it, then you probably should do a spin down every session.

However, when I had a Kickr, I was using ANT+ not Bluetooth. I have found Bluetooth particularly finicky with connection establishment, teardown, clean up, etc… I would have to experiment to see if leaving the Kickr plugged in all the time made a difference. That is something you might consider noting. But if you’re unplugging the Kickr, then you probably should do a spin down calibration every ride.