Erg mode not working in trainings

Erg mode stopped working in trainings with Apple TV and Tacx Neo 2T. Anyone having this issue?

Also, Apple TV 4K and Neo 2T.

yes, me too. ERG turned on but in Training mode the power jumps all over the place, even though I am holding steady. Also in Just Ride mode there is no longer any difference between uphill, downhill or flat. my speed changes on the screen but the trainer doesn’t feel any different.


+1 for Apple TV but with original Neo

Erg mode not working for me either, using Kickr & ATV.

There are a lot of reports, spread over multiple threads, of issues with both Tacx Neo and Wahoo Kickr having resistance problems since the August release.

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Same for me … with neo2t on Training mod. No erg…win 10

I tried again today and it was working fine ie. erg mode + interval workout. Wonder if 1.16.1 fixed it. Didn’t change anything.

I concur. I’ve tried several rides with Apple TV and iPad and resistance doesn’t work, or it does work but randomly. I’ve tried force quitting the Zwift app with both my iPad and Apple TV, as Zwift has suggested, but that does not help. Removing and re-installing the apps does not work either. Trainer Road works well with my 2021 Wahoo Kickr so the problem really does seem to be related to the latest Zwift app “update”.
This is a huge bummer, because we are all paying for this app, which doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment. I’d like to be able to do my coach prescribed workouts form Today’s Plan in Zwift, but that’s just not happening.

So many persons are facing this problem and we have only 5 votes so far. We need to upvote this to get more visibility. Indeed this should be fixed as number one priority.

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I noticed this both today and yesterday on an iphone and ipad. I use a WattBike Atom next gen and the erg mode didn’t work and the gradient feature on a free ride seemed as if the trainer difficulty was set to zero, even though it was max. All since updating the app to ver 1.16.1. …… possibly???

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I also had issues yesterday, steady state workout with ERG mode on and power all over the place. Wahoo Kickr18 and Windows 10 (20H2)

And again today it didn’t work even it worked yesterday. I did reser AppleTV and it worked for some time but then stopped working again.

Not working for me either since latest update. Kickr core + ATV.

ERG has been spotty for me (mostly not working), using Tacx Neo2T and ATV. Going into Zwift Academy this week, so I hope it starts working more reliably.

Erg is not working kicker 18 updated firmware nothing even went back to older update still have a problem with erg mode so no workouts using Apple TV.
Erg mode works on wahoo app but not on Zwift

I have the same issue, suggest you all flag directly to zwift support as they are telling me they have heard nothing on this issue - maybe they should read the forum!!! Have to say customer support has been rubbish from Zwift so far!

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I haven’t noticed the problem anymore during my three last rides. It comes and goes. What about anyone else? Zwift has been updated to 1.16.2

I’m having intermittent issues with ATV, the companion app, and my Kickr Snap when trying to do workouts in ERG mode — the power jumps all over the place. On other days, I “solved” the problem by unplugging the trainer and plugging it in again. That didn’t work this morning — so I ran Zwift using my iPhone and had no problem.

Perhaps I should have tried ATV without the companion app to narrow down the issue — but I’m not willing to give up heart rate or cadence.

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