AppleTV ERG bug in update? [1.17.0]

Pre update on Apple TV kept dropping all devices because it didn’t auto update. Dumped workout and saw update. Updated shut off and restarted all devices and with update have half power!

No matter what ring/gear I am throttled at 65-75watts!
From warm up to workout throw down effort up my gears have a small increase and it throws me back to 75w

Need a patch! Also other riders in my attempt at group ride were having huge power issues also

Something is definitely wrong…ERG mode is broken and the resistance no longer adjusts with the terrain…I am on Apple TV and a Kickr Bike.

Same … thought it was just me. Very frustrating. Apple TV 4K, Kickr 2nd gen

Hi @Jacqueline_Beaulieu welcome to Zwift forums
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. We released v 1.17.0 today, and we keep a sharp eye out for reports of wonky things especially during release weeks.

Question for you - Is this the ZA workout event you did today?

Looking at our server logs, that session was done on v 1.16.2 (build 1.0.80068). If you go to the App store from your ATV box - is the update button clickable? That means you haven’t updated to the latest game version.

Whatever you were experiencing was not caused by 1.17.0, so let’s figure out what else might be contributing to this?

Welcome @Jim_Griffin_B and @M_Newberry! The following applies to you as well:
I don’t want to presume what your experience level is with ERG mode and workouts so excuse the foundational questions.

  1. Do all of you have “smart” trainers that adjust resistance, or are you using classic trainers?

  2. Are you using the Companion app to pair all your Bluetooth signals, or are you using the AppleTV’s native Bluetooth capabilities?

  3. If you have a smart trainer - in ERG mode - you should not need to shift gears during a structured workout like the Zwift Academy ones shown in the first post. The only task you need to focus on is pedal cadence: spin faster to increase power, and the trainer will adjust the resistance after a couple seconds to help you hit your watt target. When your watt target eases off, so should your pedaling RPM’s, and the resistance will back off too.

  4. ERG mode does not adjust resistance to match the terrain. That happens in SIM, or simulator mode. This video explains the differences and drills down into how to maximize your use of ERG mode:
    The Differences Between Cycling ERG Mode and SIM Mode — Official Instructions | Zwift - YouTube

Through the last updates, from Juli on, if I select a workout through the mainscreen, when I start the workout erg mode fails to kick in.

I’m running Zwift on a ATV4K with a Wahoo Kickr V5. Every update is performed/installed on both Kickr and ATV4K. But the problem keeps coming.

It happens less when I select the workout when I’m allready logged in the world, but then Bluetooth dropouts happen, to a point I have to restart the ATV4K all the way. Yesterday I skipped my workout all together, and just went on a freeride. Which presented no problems. But it wasn’t the plan.

Anyone experienced this?

Additional setup: I use a 4iiii Viva for heart rate , and my powermeter 4iiii Precision is paired directly to my trainer. Would this impair anything?

I am currently not getting any resistance changes and ERG is non-existent. I am on Apple TV 4K and a Kickr Bike.

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Hi, I have a similar ERG problem today but with a slight difference. My wattage will not settle, it jumps around and will not align with the workout set wattage.

Details: Wahoo Kickr with latest updates & new calibration was run via Wahoo App, IOS companion app on iPhone 10, all components connected thru Zwift companion app, displayed on AT4K. The workout was Pebble Pusher. Ran a training session yesterday with no issues; today ran into the problem on a different session of the same workout. Rebooted everything with no change to the problem. Thx for any help.

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I did try the ERG mode after updating to 1.17 and the resistance in ERG mode was not functioning and then I did a ride in SIM mode and their was no resistance changes to match the terrain. 1.17 did not address the issue.

I am very experienced with ERG mode…after the 1.17 update I toggled between ERG and incline…there was no resistance in either mode and the wattage did not track the workout in ERG mode. I then did a generic ride in SIM mode…my Kickr bike did not change resistance or angle based on the terrain.

The bug is in the companion app…connected directly to Apple TV rather than through the companion app and everything worked.

You have posted this in multiple threads - There are a variety of devices having issues with erg mode - It is not solely with the companion app.

Agree! The link between the Companion App and Zwift on ATV means no resistance in SIM mode (as well as ERG) on Zwift since previous update.

Having same problem since update (companion App + ATV) on SIM mode

Apple TV with Kickr v5 bluetooth not working on controllable/resistance with my setup since update!
I connect Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Tickr HRM thru Companion app but it doesn’t work anymore for resistance/controllable since updating yesterday.
Intermittently works when I connect directly thru Apple TV but without HRM. I need and want HRM!
I have reset/upgraded firmware/deleted- re-installed and everything possible with no success! Essentially I’m left with a dumb trainer and no HRM connection.
Please advise.

Having the same problem “ERG disabled” while using Companion App + ATV.
ERG works without Companion App but need Companion App for HRM.

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Same issue for me ATV 4K 2021 Kickr 18

Erg is all over the place when I have tried to do WO3 in ZA it’s super annoying and frustrating as I get limited time to work out anyway. I do connect via companion. I do a lot of running and cycling via zwift and never really had this issue before

Everything is on the latest firmware

When will then be fixed zwift as I’m now running behind on ZA

If I try and connect my trainer through the companion app it won’t provide resistance to the trainer in SIM mode, if I connect by Bluetooth it works, but now limited to how many devices can connect

Similar here, although I’m not throttled. Makes ZA really hard!
erg broken and resistance doesn’t respond to terrain in regular mode.
happens on Apple TV 4k + companion app or if I just use the iPhone.
Using Kickr core
tried all the usual reboots etc, but still the same.
Have sent in e-mail to support.
will try bluetooth only later

ERG stopped working for me via companion app + ATV for the past couple days :frowning: The Zwift main iOS app works fine though.

I am in a smart trainer. I have banked over 3000 miles almost daily since feb 2021 using my Apple TV, companion app, iPhone and iwatch! I am also a tech geek and have run diagnostics on everything! Even pulled my tech geek husband in and everything I did is exactly how he would trouble shoot.

I have made sure all my iOS is current, all devices are running latest app updates, my smart trainer firmware is up to date and working perfectly outside of zwift. It is absolutely a glitch with the new update With Apple TV.

I have even factor restored my appletv and it didn’t fix the glitch. I uninstalled and reinstalled apps and didn’t fix glitch. I shut everything down and disconnected everything and turned everything on and reconnected everything & didn’t fix the glitch.

This has happened once before and you guys sent out a patch because it was a program glitch and then everything worked senseless after the previous fixed update fail/fix months ago.

In The mean time until you guys figure it out and send out a patch all of my stuff is working perfectly through the iPad and companion instead of the Apple TV and I have to mirror screen. I use companion app for my hr monitor so I am not willing to only run smart trainer with cadence and skip hr monitor.

In addition to my smart trainer throttling all my watts efforts to 75w it also was random disconnecting my iwatch, then my trainer and erg mode in workout got stuck off when I try to turn off and back on to try to fix being throttled.

As far as changing gears in erg it actually is necessary under some of the workouts. if I am going from a high cadence lower watts to a very low cadence higher watts and stand as the program cannot match the resistance with the trainer and that has always been the case. (can’t throw down 290watts on a small ring at 65watts-nor this down 100-105 rpm on big ring high gear) and I won’t jeopardize blowing my knees!

BTW Many people are having these problems since the update launched it is all over all the zwift riding groups.

I await the next update or patch…