New appltv 4k

I purchased the newest appletv 4k. I understand its new and zwift needs time to optimize for it. Heres my experience so far. Erg mode doesnt work. Attempts to use it results in it never sending the proper resistance to my zwift hub. The app will be saying 150 watts but im not feeling that or able to generate more than 97 regardless of my gearing. Which shouldnt matter because its erg mode.
Inclined mode for riding is also very problematic with resistance levels being all over the place. A 10% incline only allowing me to generate 160 watts in my first gear. Some times it works beautifully others not so much. On top of that the app will just drop my zwift hub for 10 sec randomly.
I dont have any of these issues using my laptop.

How far away from your trainer is your AppleTV box? I find it’s best to have it within a couple feet and not hiding behind anything like your TV or a fan.

Could be a lot of things causing your problem, but highly unlikely it’s Zwift needing to be optimized for your AppleTV or the AppleTV itself.

As @Sven_Setterdahl asked, distance between AppleTV and your trainer? Is your AppleTV tucked in a cabinet or behind something?

Its the length of the bike away. Good thought though. Ive also turned off every other bt source.