ERG mode problems - Apple TV

Hi all,

I’ve been having issues with the ERG mode, and am starting this thread having tried everything I can find in previous posts (apologies for the repetition if there is something I’ve missed!).

My partner and I have been using the same setup, mainly for structured workouts with ERG mode since November (with no unusual issues). For the last few days, neither of us have been able to get ERG mode up and running at the start of a workout, or it ‘drops out’ and returns to sim mode part way through an interval.

Our setup consists of:

  • Zwift running on Apple TV HD
  • Zwift companion app on iPhone 11
  • Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • Garmin cadence and HR sensors

The apple TV and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (a range extender in our garage, which has been rock-solid with no connection issues).

We have been pairing the devices via the Zwift Companion app as Apple TV only allows two connections, and we are aware that connecting the trainer directly to Apple TV means that ERG mode is ‘unavailable’ for Wahoo trainers.

As I said, we’ve been using the setup without any real issues until this week, and are always sure to spin down the trainer for calibration when changing bikes. I’ve done all the usual things (updating trainer firmware, updating apps etc.).

Has anyone else been experiencing the same or similar issue? What can I try next?

Thanks in advance for any advice, and apologies again if I’ve missed something from a previous post - we’re keen to get this resolved as we both ride workouts every day!

Cheers and ride on,


You are aware that connecting the trainer directly to Apple TV means that ERG mode is ‘unavailable’ for Wahoo trainers???

Why should ERG not be available?
I also have a Snap, who is directly connected to the ATV.

It was something I read on another thread - connecting the Kickr Snap as both ‘power source’ and ‘controllable’ effectively disables the ERG mode (this is consistent with my experience of connecting the trainer directly to Apple TV).

I’ve tried connecting it with and without the controllable channel, but in either case it will only work in sim mode, no ERG (which is why I have been using the Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge instead).

Which Apple TV/Kickr Snap versions do you have? And does it all work properly?


I have the ATV 4k and the Snap 2017.
No problems at all.
Snap is directly connected to the ATV power and controlable.
I use a Viiiiva HRM. The Viiiiva bridges my ANT signal from my Garmin ANT cadence sensor to the ATV.
So I have everything directly connected to the ATV.

I suggest, you connect the Snap to the ATV, and your HRM.
Do a ERG test. I guess it will work.

Using the companion app, causes your problem I think.

Thanks for your help - I will try connecting directly to the ATV tomorrow.

I’ve also seen the NPE CABLE as a way of connecting multiple other sensors to ATV (eliminating the need for ZCA), so might try that as well.


Wahoo released a firmware update 4.2.1 which has caused issues you described. I have another post
which others are seeing the same thing. I have made repeated attempts to contact Zwift and they have not responded once I shared with them that this appeared to be a widespread issues. I am hoping a fix is coming out soon. Please contact them by opening a ticket so they are aware it is impacting many.

The latest Snap firmware is:
KICKR SNAP '17 Firmware v2.3.63 - 7 November 2018

Long time ago …

Hi jonathan [ @Jonathan_Hall3 ], were you able to solve this issue? I am having the same one with a very similar setup (aTV etc) so I am really interested. Thanks

Hi @Renato_Nardello, since my last post I have been pairing the Kickr Snap directly to the Apple TV (HD 2019 model) and there have been no issues with ERG mode.

To solve the sensor connection limitations, I bought an NPE CABLE ant+ to Bluetooth module, which allows my existing HR and cadence sensors to be used. The CABLE takes in as many ant+ data sources as you want, and relays the data via Bluetooth as a single signal. With this, I have been able to make the most of the two connection limit for Bluetooth with the Apple TV.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot! I am already connected directly to an aTV. The cable thing could be interesting though. Best

I have also had this issue and reported it. Here is the reply from ZWIFT~:

Hi Steven,

Thanks for providing more information about your issue!

At this time, we’re aware of this known issue involving Apple® TV, Zwift Companion’s Bluetooth Bridge and the Wahoo Kickr.

While we’re currently working on fixing it—please, if you could use your iPad or try using the native BLE connection on the Apple® TV. We realize this is an inconvenience and we do apologize for it.

In the meantime please keep the Zwift App up to date. When we’ve created a fix for the issue, it will be included in a future update.

We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out.

Ride On.