ERG Mode using AppleTV

AppleTV, Companion App - when starting a workout ERG mode doesn’t work. If I substitute my iPad and run ZWIFT from there - and don’t use the companion app - works like a champ. Have wasted 2 days trying to get my workout to run (ERG) mode - paused my workout, unplugged my Kickr and waited 20 seconds or so - then paired with the KICKR - and the workout continued and ERG mode seemed to work. This is annoying and I hope is fixed soon.

We’re you using the companion app as a Bluetooth bridge?

I was doing a workout on ATV today. Used ZC app as a bridge and erg mode wouldn’t work at all.

Removed controllable trainer in zwift and"m did the workout through the trainer road app. Worked fine.

First time I’ve ever had a workout issue in zwift in over 5 years of using it.