Apple TV 4k Neo2t. ERG mode issue

Recently, approx from 20april the erg mode in my (or standard) workouts fails.
It is somewhere in between no erg mode and erg mode. When I try to hit the watt it seems like Zwift tries hard to get me out of it.
When I’m in a normal free ride on a route I have no issues holding certain values.
Rebooted all and all SW is up to date.
Switching erg mode on off via companion app doesn’t resolve the problem.
Getting somewhat desperate as I liked the workouts on Zwift and that’s why I use it instead of a stupid blue screen from Tacx.
Additional remark: when I fire up Zwift from my MacBook pro in the room next to the pancave to create workouts I do not want to pair and the laptop tells me: 2x BLE issue?

Could there be some interference somewhere somehow.
I got an extra apple tv because Zwift is cooking my Mac and I would like to use it a Bit longer.

Looking forward to a solution or a date for a solution so I know that I can expect to do the workouts again.