ERG mode delay

Since last coupe updates my ERG mode is not working properly. The segments are delayed running into the following segment. Power requested @ 300 watts ends up asking for almost 600 watts ruining workout. Now that I cant do workouts I’m riding regular routes and the power is messed up making it very difficult on “0” % grades and eases up once an incline starts.
Q: can you remove and reinstall Zwift without loosing everything? In ERG mode troubleshooting it says not to remove/ reinstall Zwift.
Done firmware, spin down etc. no luck.
Any ideas? Thanks

trainer = ?
device running zwift on = ?

Hi Ben,

Tx. wahoo Core trainer running on IOS

Hi Rick,
Have you checked out the thread below? Sounds like this known issue with ERG and Kickrs. Some people had luck in fixing it by downgrading Wahoo firmware and/or switching from Bluetooth to ANT. Though these fixes weren’t universally successful, you might start there.

Best o’ luck to you!

Thanks very much. I’ll read up on it tomorrow. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :+1::blush:

Wow, tx so much. Lots of people have the same problem since last update. Just roll back the update until they get sorted out!
Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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Tom & Mark & N joy the suffering…

Thank you all very much for your help!!

What a great community we have!! TG for the forum. It has been very depressing riding on Zwift with these problems. Now :blush::blush:

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas & Happy holidays to all.

Rick @ Trickster…or for some Fredastair :blush: