ERG mode not working since v1.4.0

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr and a Macbook Pro on the latest OSX. Haven’t had any issues for many months. All of a sudden I cannot use ERG mode and occasionally the trainer will go to something crazy like 700w and I can’t even turn the pedals.

If I use my Wahoo app and manually control the resistance, it comes through to Zwift perfectly and the correct numbers display. On my legs it also feels correct.

So I’m not sure what Zwift has done, but the ERG mode is broken :frowning: hoping you can fix it soon.

I’ve reinstalled Zwift on my Macbook and that was no help.

Did you remove all the folders Zwift uses after you uninstalled?

These are left behind and the new installation picks up the files contained within.

I don’t believe there have been many reports of ERG being broken with 1.40.and after nearly a fortnight since its these this forum would be flooded.

Have purged all the files, will try again after work today. Fingers crossed… I don’t think it’s broken across the board as it depends on what devices you’re using. Since it works perfectly in wahoo fitness app I can only blame Zwift.