Kickr Smartbike Super Hard to Pedal

Yesterday (after the zwift updates). My Kickr smart bike became incredibly hard to pedal and impossible to ride in Zwift. Throughout the day, I unplugged/turned back on the Apple TV, the tv, the iPhone, the bike numerous times. I unloaded and reloaded the zwift apps on the Apple TV and on my iPhone numerous times as well. Nothing changed-still super hard to pedal and impossible to ride.

I tried completing a workout in the wahoo app and the same hard to pedal.

Before going to bed, I unloaded the apps on the Apple TV and my iPhone. I unplugged the bike and the powerstrip to the Apple TV and the tv.

This morning, I plugged in the bike, downloaded the wahoo app (verified up to date with v1.27.0), turned off/turned back on the iPhone, verified bluetooth connected wahoo app and bike, and still it is super hard to pedal.

Going to see what wahoo suggests and go from there. Once the bike is working with wahoo, I will try adding the zwift apps back and go from there.

I submitted another request to wahoo and am waiting for their response. Since the bike was working fine before the update, I tend to think something happened with the Zwift update. Just posting so zwift is aware.

I have the same problem. I borrowed a Kickr core from a friend. A while ago it started getting hard to pedal, no need for the big ring anymore.
I bought my own this week and it started doing the same. Pedaling felt normal for a second or 2, then there was that extra resistance.
Height, weight and FTP are set correctly and the device isn’t connecting to any other devices but the Ipad I run Zwift on. Calibrated using the wahoo app.

Not sure what to do now. I’m not getting stronger, just really tired :laughing:

my kickr core also has issues setting the resistance and updating power stats since the latest update.
I just hope it gets fixed in a next update.

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