After Wahoo and Zwift updates

After the updates for the Wahoo Kickr v5 4.2.8 and Zwift, I’ve experienced 2 days of crazy issues. I have an Apple TV 4K with the latest SW updates.

Future Works Alpe Du Zwift pace partner ride

  1. I couldn’t generate enough power to maintain contact with the pace partner in category E. The w/kg I was generating where 2.0+ and couldn’t stay up with the pace partner that was generating 0.8. Finally, something changed. I could ride with the PP.
  2. Then I started climbing the ADZ, and suddenly my w/kg was 3.1, but I wasn’t pedaling.

I restarted everything, and nothing changed. I decided to use my iPad (latest SW updates installed), and the same issues were happening. I said ■■■■ it and went for a ride outside, which was hot.

Today 6/10, I wanted to join the Pack Fri ride. I experienced the same issue generating 3.9 w/kg or more, but I couldn’t maintain contact with the ride leader. Again, something changed, and I could stay with the group. After finishing the Pack ride, I decided I needed an extra couple of extra miles and joined a PP ride. I took a picture, but it wouldn’t save. It looked like I was riding the upside-down and going nowhere fast. Ended ride. I logged in again. Joined the PP again. Now I could maintain contact, but it felt like a free ride didn’t feel the hills; I stayed in a single gear and pedaled. Ended again. Now I’m annoyed. 2 days in a row, I’ve experienced similar issues.

I did everything by unplugging the devices, closed the apps, and disconnected and removed all the BT devices from my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Nothing changed.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be nice.

note to self – avoid wahoo, avoid apple

Similar issue this morning for me with Kirkr snap.