Kickr v5 no calibration need but

Being that the new Kickr’s do not require a manual calibration, what can I do to fix the mph issue I am having in Zwift (biking)? Just joined zwift yesterday and have not been able to figure out why my speed is so far off. My speed output has been about 3mph when I know I had to have been going atleast 14-16 mph.

Tell us more about your setup. On what device are you running Zwift? On what (Zwift) terrain? How are your devices paired, ANT+ or Bluetooth? Do you have the correct sensors paired? The more information the better.

wahoo kickr v5 (2020), bluetooth, appletv and zwift companion but I also ran it without companion and had the same issue. The only difference with vs without using companion is that when paired with companion I am not able to run a calibration. Either way it’s not giving me the correct mph.

How do you know it’s not giving you the correct mph? I, also, use Apple TV and have never had any issues with ‘incorrect speed’ so I’m wondering how you are determining this.


I finally got it figured out. The erg mode speed simulation button in the Wahoo app default was off. When it was off, I think my speed never exceeded 6 mph even when cruising at 3.5w/kg.
Thanks for responding to my post, Nigel. :+1:

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Great! Glad you were able to sort it out. Zwift should be much more enjoyable now.

OMG apparently that was not the answer. I’m close to canceling this membership. I’m running companion on iPhone, I have an Apple TV, I ran a spin down even though I don’t have to on the new kickrs and I’m pushing 300 w but only going 5 mph. I’d have to weigh 500 lbs to be going that slow.

Can you take a photo of your pairing screen and post it? That might help to sort the issue.