Not moving since latest update

Ever since Zwift required an update about a week ago, I’ve been having increasing problems with my game. In the last couple days, I haven’t even been able to connect. I get the game going and it shows that I’m connected to the Kickr and the Controllable is connected. The game is set up to connect through Bluetooth. But when my route launches, I’m just sitting by the side of the road and no matter how much I spin, I don’t move and there’s no resistance on the trainer. I’ve disconnected and reconnected my settings in the game, restarted my computer, restarted the game, all to no avail. I am connected to the internet, so that’s not the issue.

Do you have an active subscription?

If you do, then when you’re in the Pairing screen, try pedalling, and see if it reports a wattage being generated.

I have the same problem - running Zwift on Mac with Elite Direto. Going to try deleting everything and reinstalling - been scouring forums to see if it’s a known issue

I do have a paid subscription and checked to make sure it’s all good, which it is. It doesn’t show any wattage output.

I have Windows for my computers. I tried on 2 different Windows computers and ran into the same issue on both.

What about if you try your Kickr with the Wahoo app? Does it work properly there, e.g. in calibration?

Same issue here, Zwift can’t reach my Wahoo Kickr anymore.
If I use Wahoo app everything is fine.

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Thanks for that suggestion Steve. I checked my Wahoo firmware and it’s up to date, but the spin down seemed to be a little odd. It asked me to slowly spin up to 23mph but when I’d get to about 18.6, it would stop climbing even though I was pedaling harder. It would drop to about 9-12mph, then climb again to 18.6. It did that a couple times, then just started dropping speed on its own, so I quit that. I did send a message to Wahoo and we’ll see what they say. What’s so frustrating about these kinds of issues is that there are 3 players - Zwift, Wahoo and the computer - so it makes it harder to figure out where the problem is.