ERG / Resistance stops after pause

I’ve had several of my workouts destroyed due to ERG mode disabling.

Sometimes this appears to come from a pause in pedaling, like when I get my phone charging cable wrapped up in my pedals. When I resume pedaling, Zwift demands more power but won’t increase the resistance.

I’ve seen older posts on this but I didn’t find anything new. I’m to the point where I’m going to give up training on Zwift since I’ve missed so many important segments.

I’m using a Mac M2 paired with a Wahoo Kickr.

Any info would be of great help.

Hi @David_Graves1

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The trainer will disable ERG if you stop pedaling and only reengage if you reach the required power in the workout block.

This is done to avoid the spiral of death where the trainer keep increasing resistance when you are not generating enough power.

Best is to pause the workout do what you need to do and get the power back up before unpausing.


Thanks for the speedy reply.

I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve been riding for a while now and this is inconsistent and seems to really happen mostly only in training sessions. You know how it is… you get 35 min into a workout and are ready to dig in for the heavy lifting and the system goes flat… Then what???

Is there some sort of debug / report I can run the next time? This is destroying my workout plan, so I’m not likely to tolerate this much longer.


I don’t know how that is. Sound like it is a trainer specific issue. I never experience that.

Do you have an example workout or can you point me to a workout where that happened. I think I need more information.

You can drop your log file in and see if you are getting dropouts. Post the link and we can look at it as well. Do you use ant+ or Bluetooth.

The most recent issue has occured twice on the Dirt Destroyer. I believe it is the Strength Ramps one where it ramps up and then gives a ‘ride at your own pace but maintain X-watts’ or something like that.

I don’t know how to send over the log. Where would I find that?


I’m using a Wahoo Kickr via WIFI. Anything is possible but I do not believe that I’ve ever experienced connectivity issues with the trainer to Zwift.

I assume you are refering to the freeride sections of the workout:

In that block ERG is disabled and you need to change gears and up the resistance using the incline button on the companion app or the ± buttons on the keyboard.

Either in the one that you have listed or in the lower trough just after it.

The system was then suggesting during this period that I ride at whatever cadence I wish, but that I maintain x-watts … I believe.

The end result was that during this time it was just spinning freely and applying no resistance.

Is this happening after you stop pedaling? or just randomly during the workout?

I didn’t really note what happened, but I think that of the 3 times that I’ve had this happen in the past month or so,
1 time after a pedal pause
1 time after powering out on a difficult segment — where i would have expected the system to resume and ramp the resistance back up so that I could continue
1 time just hitting the “Free ride" segment" like we chatted about earlier in this thread.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t really think it would become an issue so I didn’t note the exact situation. i will note what happens the next time.

I would say that this has happened prob 5 or 6 times to me since Oct when I started using the service. Approx 3 times in the last month or so.

latest update broke erg more on my wahoo kickr :frowning: