Zwift Workout Mode and Smart Trainer Control

Thank you for the recent updates to Zwift concerning the Power meter + Smart Trainer ERG mode.

This works REALLY well until you pause the workout or, for example, your watts drop from really high to really low - like right after an intense sprint and you stop pedaling.

What I have noticed about this is that Zwift will pop a message that says “ERG control has been temporarily disabled”.

So… it seems when Zwift “sees” zero watts then the “ERG control being temporarily disabled” occur.

If this happens, no matter how it happens, then the control of the trainer is absolutely horrible with power CONSTANTLY fluctuating.

I have files that show this happening if you wold like to take a look at them.

BTW - It is really easy to load workout files from BestBikeSplit into Zwift by downloading the *.zwo file and then placing it into your workouts folder.

I have done this and it works well UNLESS the above situation happens.

PLEASE disabled the “ERG control has been temporarily disabled” feature - it really causes issues. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this.

I’ve had this message when doing a workout that had 10 second high cadence sprints at a low power level. ERG mode came back after I stopped pedalling and the flywheel had slowed down and I then started pedalling again. Yeah quite annoying however doing the same workout on Trainerroad pretty much the same thing happens although it stays in ERG mode i.e. you spin up big time, power goes way over target, you stop pedalling, the flywheel slows down, power drops to Zero , you start pedalling again.


It sounds like workout mode is working as intended. If Zwift registers 0 watts, it will stop ERG mode for safety. Depending on the trainer type, ERG mode will either be engaged at the start of the next setup, or during the workout block you’re in, if the trainer is capable. To re-engage ERG mode, you’ll need to pedal at a constant wattage around the wattage target. 


ERG mode will disengage if you stop pedaling. If you’re looking to fully stop pedaling after a sprint, it sounds like you may want to create your own custom workout, and build in a ‘Riders Choice’ section after the interval block, where you can soft pedal.