Add ability to toggle ERG mode during workouts

Sometimes I’m just not able to hit that target wattage during a workout for a variety of reasons, but I would be able to complete the workout instead of abandoning and starting over if I could drop some watts while staying in the appropriate zone.  On days like that it would be awesome if I were able to turn off ERG mode during the workout to help me accomplish this.

the suggested workaround is to hit the ‘E’ key to bring up the Workout screen while riding. then manually adjust your FTP using either the slider or entering in a value. then hit the ‘Workout’ button and now your workout is adjusted to your new FTP value. do not hit the ‘Cancel’ button unless you want to cancel workout mode.

Awesome, I will try that next time I am in this predicament.  I am still new to Zwift and don’t know all the shortcuts yet.  Thanks!

Hi Mike,

You can disable ERG mode when choosing your workout:



Just click the radio button to turn on and off. No need to modify FTP.

Hi Eric,

Yes I’m aware of the ability to do that *before* you start the workout, but often times I don’t know my legs are too tired to sustain the target wattage until after I’m already into the workout. In that case it would be nice to be able to turn off ERG mode during the workout and just do what I can do. 

Also, in the case where the transition to a new power value during a workout takes too long, or ERG mode just isn’t working right, it would be nice to be able to disable it for the remainder of the workout.

It would be nice to be able to use shortcut keys such as “+” and “-” to increase and decrease wattage while in ergmode, and have a setup option to make each key press affect a change of either 1 watt or 5 watts.  Ergvideos work this way with the Computrainer controller and it is a nice way to adjust the workouts while riding.

I agree with both Mike and Doug.  Sometimes I like to switch to slop mode during a recovery interval.  Doug’s idea would be helpful too.  Sometimes I have a range for an interval, so I write the workout with it set at the lower end  of the interval.  As I get more fit, I may want to use Doug’s “+” idea.  Then after several weeks, I will retest and start over.

When I’m using ErgVideos, which put my Computrainer in its native Erg Mode, I find myself often using the toggle to reduce the FTP setting and lower the power setting towards the tail end of workouts.  If I don’t. It can be difficult to maintain my targeted cadence, and I end up slogging at <80 rpm.    

I’m still waiting for this feature…

A huge frustration as well.  I hate ERG mode and for some reason, my system keeps defaulting back to it.  I often forget and don’t notice it until I’m done my 10 minute warmup.  In which case, I have to STOP the session, go back in, turn off ERG and then restart and do a 10 minute warmup all over again.  HUGE frustration.  Enough that I just don’t use Zwift for most of my interval sessions now and just use my PM and a piece of paper that tells me what wattages I want and how long I should do them.  

If you have a separate power meter, pair it as the power source rather than your trainer and Zwift Workouts will default to ERG off. There’s not even an option to enable ERG if a separate power meter is paired.

I like to do my warm up and cool down in Free Ride, then My Intervals, then Free ride after.
Resistance changes as per the terrain on the warm up free ride perfectly, then the fabulous erg mode kicks in for the intervals, but on the second free ride it just has a set resistance rather than adjust to the terrain like in the warm up.
Any suggestions?
I’m on a Wahoo Kickr 2 and using PC Desktop
Dense Voigt

Is there a way to use ERG for select intervals during workout, but then if I want to sprint and see what I can max watts out for a 5 second interval is there a way to have an “open” segment that is based on time and not necessarily on power? 

Using Wahoo Trainer

Trying to do something like this workout:

Warmup for 20 mins @ 180 Watts

FTP for 5 mins @ 300 watts

Sprint all out 5 seconds @ max watts

Recover 5 mins @ 140 watts

So in this example I would need the ERG to turn off for the 5 seconds max effort. Is that possible?

Thanks Matt

With the new group workouts, a keyboard toggle for ERG mode would also be really great.

On the last group workout I did, ERG mode was on for me. Towards the end of the ride, a bunch of folks started the hard intervals with shorter breaks (as an option). I wasn’t able to follow along, because I was stuck in ERG mode.

Short keys to increase/decrease power in ERG mode would be a great feature. I was told other platforms support that.