Erg / power control

During a workout using erg mode I notice a real steep increase in the resistance which very difficult to ride through. 

Hiw about having a button to disable erg mode in the training screen or a power control option so if you can’t hit the power required you can turn it down. Or if you want more power you can turn it up. 

Hi John,

You can adjust FTP bias during workouts to increase/decrease your FTP (but just for that workout) in case you are feeling extra strong that day, or perhaps a bit off your game.

This is available on the Zwift Mobile Link as well as on a keyboard with the +/- keys.

You can read more about it here:


As I understand it, what John is looking for is a way to completely stop zwift from setting the power temporarily. I’ve run into the need for this a couple of times when I bit off more than I could chew: Reducing the power by 10% was not enough to get me through the training block - my legs were too blown, so the only option was to pause and stop riding for a bit and recover. Would be nice to be able to toggle erg mode at this point and keep riding at an much lower power, but still continue the block without completely stopping.

The other night I was doing one of the academy sessions and I had to do a number of sprint intervals at around 7 - 800 watts but the power required to turn the crank was as much as 2000 watts. Safe to say my legs were fried and I was just back pedalling a lot of the times to get through the interval. I wound the power right down but it still was like riding through Mum’s porridge. I am sure not everyone experiences this and sometimes when I am interval mode there is not the sharp change in force required, however most of the time it happens which is all well and good but working at a much higher rate than you should is not helping me.