Button to change resistance during ERG mode

(Karl Norberg (A)) #1


Would it be possible to manually adjust resistance/wattage in ERG Mode during a workout?

I’m thinking of a + or - from the mobile app that increases or decreases wattage by +1W or -1W.

Reason for this is that temperature, form and other variables can make your power output vary. Completing the intervals even on a lower effect still gives a good training boost. Some days you feel stronger and wish to add for example +10W on your last interval.

In both situations manually adjusting wattage during workout would be perfect. I come from a background with ergometer bikes and this feature is a must have to most people from that background.

Thank you.!

(. El Oso) #2

This is a great suggestion.  I find myself going to another app for structured ERG mode workouts because Zwift lacks this key feature.

(Keepiru Tursi (1204)) #3

Yep. I miss that feature too. 

(prashant chopra) #4

great idea. i find ftp doesnt correlate to ones ability to do the microbursts or wringer type workouts. essentially give me a long interval at or near threshold i can go on forever, give me something like wringer and im simply too weak to put out the big neuromuscular intervals out. i have to reduce ftp just to get close to completing those intervals and im guessing thats because my aerobic ability is relatively stronger than my out and out strength.

(Karl Norberg (A)) #5

Glad that I’m not the only one asking for this.

As a note it should be pointed out that TrainerRoad has an intensity button on their workouts which works in a similar way to what we’re asking for.

It simply lowers or highers the intensity of  the current interval by a percentage.



(Pal Kristoffer Sorvoll) #6

+1 Really miss it!

(Per Arvid Gimre ZHR (B)) #7

This is also a feature that I miss a lot. Should not be that difficult to program this?

(Andre Olsen) #8

Need this function! Form varies from one day to another by 20w, and its too boring stopping after warm up and 2 intervals to set a higher target and then have to do another warm up before getting the right resistance