Adjust workout difficulty more than 10%


 it would be great to have the possibility to adjust your workout difficulty (by +/-) even more than 10% in workout mode.

So you simply create a workout at middle power maybe with 55% FTP and adjust while riding - and may set it then up or down if you like.

With this you can create one or two workouts (especially for endurance rides) and adjust them while riding, instead of creating much more different workouts.

And for this you need more then 10% +/-.

Thank you very much, ride on!

Hi Andreas,

If you find that you need to adjust your workouts by greater than 10% then I think your FTP might not be correct. Otherwise, a workout is mostly there for targeted goals - this seems a bit more like a free ride that you, yourself, can adjust with effort. Either that or, if you’re feeling particularly strong, changing the course towards a hill climb and then u-turning if you’re not up for it.

Hi Eric,

thanks for your answer, i think my FTP is still correct. But i still love riding at constant power, and for that the ERG-Mode in workouts is perfect. BUT i miss the opportunity to set constant wattage while riding, so i don’t have to make a workout before nearly every ride. I want to be flexible of wattage and time of my ride, when i’m not making a planned workout.

The simplest way for this would be the opportunity to set fix wattage (may by a “+/-” button) in a free ride (not a workout) like a simple ergometer !? (when “Trainer Difficulty” is set to zero)

Thank you very much!

Your trainer should have an app where you can set the power and change on the fly. You then ride Zwift in free mode and just detecting your power. Most major brands have an app that can do this.

Hi Nigel,

i have the TACX Neo Smart and will try with the “TACX Training App”. And you think this works without disturbances? The TACX Training App should then be the “master”.

If this realy works it is a good alternative, but the better way to do this would be directly in zwift.

Thanks for the tip.

It’s similar to how a few of us use Trainerroad to control our smart trainer but then also have Zwift picking up the power data. Zwift just provides a bit of entertainment. I know Wahoo and Cycleops allow you to set a specific power level and then adjust it as you ride.

I may be totally off track here but, If you make a workout with only one long free ride block, and you disable ERG mode, then you should be able to control the trainer resistance from the ZML app.




Thanks for the tipps you made.

Nigel i tried it yesterday to set the wattage with the “TACX Training App” (via Bluetooth on my Android). Plus i removed my TACX Neo Smart (via ANT+ on the PC) as controllable Trainer in the Zwift pairing screen - but still let it at Powermeter + Cadence.

This worked great, thank you very much!