Adjust workout intensity during a workout

I would like to be able to increase or decrease the difficulty of a workout mid-ride.

Other systems have this feature, and I find it very useful. If you are doing a hard workout and you aren’t quite up to it that day, you can dial it down a few %. If you are feeling strong and want a bit of extra intensity you can bring it up a bit. I’ve tried clicking on everything on screen during the workout but I can’t find any way to adjust the intensity. The only way I can think to adjust intensity would be to cancel and restart a workout using a higher or lower FTP setting. Am I missing something?

You can edit the FTP mid workout, just pause the ride and edit your settings. All interval calculations adjust according to the new FTP you set

but when you “pause” a workout, it will drop out of ERG mode until the next interval :frowning:

Pausing the workout and leaving the main ride screen is not in my opinion a viable solution.  You need a quick an easy way of altering the current interval by pressing at most one button or link.

I think there are three situations where you might want to stop the current interval…

  • Buttons to +/- the wattages required to complete the current interval
  • Button to skip to the next interval
  • Button to repeat an individual interval. This would be useful if you need additional recovery before starting the next interval


 Great suggestions Brandon. I agree on all  items. 

+1 Brandon’s suggestions señor Zwift

I would add that I don’t want to have to adjust again after each interval.  So, if you adjust down a % it would stay down until you go back up.  Trainer road dies it like that and I like it better than the way cyclops virtual trainer does it where you have to change at each interval.  For workouts with lots of short intervals it can be tough to keep up.  Typically when I don’t have it that day I just don’t have it – for all intervals.  But, I would accept either method if both could not be implemented.  I very much agree with the suggestions Brandon made - those would be great.  I never thought of the repeat interval one but I have needed it for sure

This feature would be very nice. Should be easy to fix :-) 

Absolutely necessary feature!!  Implement it like trainer road - this works great.  Or at least something similar.  This keeps me from doing hard workouts in Zwift because if you crack during a tough interval you have no choice but to quit.  Make a couple of hotkeys to easily adjust during the workout.

Would love this feature


agree, would love this feature

that would be awesome, its very annoying having to stop a workout completely when if i could adjust the power by 5% i could finish it.

You can do this now.

while in the middle of an ERG workout, hit the ‘E’ button, then adjust your FTP in the window using either the slider or entering a value into the textbox. Then hit the ‘Workout’ button.

the workout will automatically adjust to your new FTP.

you can do this without stopping.


That is not a viable solution Michael.  That is a less than disirable work around.

Firstly, not everyone has access to the keyboard when they are mid workout.

Secondly, if you forget to reset the value when the interval finishes the next one will be performed at the wrong wattage due to the wrong FTP being in place.

Thirdly, even if you have the keyboard handy, if you are completely knackered you might not even be able to press the correct keys in a timely fashion to alter the FTP.

I agree with Brandon. What I would like to see is an easy, ** temporary** offset from my current FTP. I don’t want to have to remember to reset my FTP back to its old value after the workout. I don’t want to do a bunch of mousing and clicking and typing right in the middle of a 400w effort. All we need is a simple + and - adjust from the mobile app or the keyboard. No going into other screens, no pausing, not anything but a + and - as the initial feature request. When I used to use TrainerRoad I used the intensity adjustment more than half the time. It’s a very useful feature when using an ERG mode trainer.

If there’s ever a feature to plot your FTP and w/kg in the future, changing your FTP for every workout is really going to mess with that information. We really just need an easy way to temporary apply an offset.

I never said my suggestion was a solution or “easy” but it works for now…

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Yea I just tried that E trick and adjusted the slider up. And clicked “workout” to go back to the workout. And it STARTED THE WORKOUT OVER! Seems you have to hit “cancel” after adjusting the slider as instructed. This is dumb. Oh and almost fell off trainer reaching for keyboard. Pleas fix this as suggested by the others.

@chris mogee

yea, I just noticed that Zwift changed this in some release this past year.

don’t hit the Workout button after changing your FTP to change intensity/resistance, you have to hit Cancel or maybe hit the ESC key (if you have one :wink:


I’m not a Trainerroad user but I think you can easily change resistance levels using up/down arrows and trainer modes with the ‘M’ key, right?

Does the up/down work in ERG mode with Trainerroad, anyone?


I just tried the ‘E’ trick and adjusted my FTP mid workout, then hit ‘Cancel’. This cancelled the entire workout, and I was back to normal riding. Annoying. I’ll try ESC next time. 

Yeah, I just noticed recently too that this workaround no longer works. Now you have to…

  1. click your mouse to make the menu button appear
  2. click the menu button
  3. click the little pencil icon to edit your user
  4. change your ftp
  5. click ok
  6. click the back button to return to your workout.

Ridiculously complicated compared to simply clicking a plus or minus button. We are essentially back to square one for this. Sometimes I wonder if the folks at Zwift use the workout mode very often themselves – this is such obvious missing functionality for anyone that actually uses workout mode. I’ve basically given up on workout mode except for short intervals. For everything else I just make up my own workout on the fly so I can have more control.

Come on devs! Low hanging fruit! :slight_smile: