Workout Mode - Feedback

(Dan Morley) #1


Today I did my first workout ride. 3x15 FTP intervals using Wahoo Kickr.

During one of my 8 minute rest intervals, I stopped pedaling long enough for the pause screen to pop up, when I resumed pedaling, the Kickr was no longer in ERG mode, I could spin way above (or below) the target power. When I got to the next FTP interval, ERG mode was activated again and it was okay for the rest of the workout. No sure if this is the design, but I would expect and prefer it to stay in ERG mode even if I stop pedaling and then resume.

During the FTP intervals, the progress indicator slow fills up with yellow as I approach the end of the interval. When the yellow hits the white text which displays the time remaining, I can no longer read the white text in the yellow back ground. Perhaps you can change the text color?

I would love the see a  keyboard shortcut or on screen button to raise or lower the intensity of the current interval.

When the workout ended, the software reverted to “normal” riding on the course. I would prefer to be prompted to “end workout” or “continue riding”

And finally, I did not like the blurred surroundings as the interval progressed. If there is no entertainment value in view the screen, then I might as well just use TR.


Thanks and keep up the good work!


(Dan Morley) #2

Oh ya… whats up with automatically adding a Zwift picture to my Strava post? Can that be turned off?

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #3

Dan pretty much wrote the post I was about to write.  Used workout mode for the first time today.  Also noted where when I stopped pedaling for a few seconds, I saw a message that ERG mode was temporarily disabled.  It did resume at the beginning of the next interval.

I also would like the ability to adjust the intensity, but I’d like to be able to go one step further and enable/disable ERG mode on the fly.  When someone passes me, the competitive part of me wants to give a little extra power.  Oh, maybe that’s the whole point behind a structured workout :slight_smile:

At the start screen, I went into the Workout Mode selection screen.  I then wanted to cancel out and just go into normal mode but the cancel button wouldn’t work.

Definitely not the entertainment factor of the regular mode.  I was having a hard time staying motivated 30 minutes in, where is normal mode, an hour can go by before I realize it.  But it definitely has its place and great to see it there.

It would also be nice if there was some indication which riders around you are in workout mode vs normal competition mode.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #4

I’m not sure on the Kickr, but I know on the CT there is a minimum cadence and flywheel speed for ERG mode to work.  This is actually a good thing because you don’t want the system to try to apply 250w (for example) when you are spinning up at the initial 30 rpm.  Once a bit of inertia is resumed ERG mode again makes sense, otherwise it feels very awkward.

(George Fordham AUDI-PNW) #5

I think Erg mode needs to be disabled when you stop pedaling, otherwise it might be impossible to start again.  For example, if you are in a workout segment that requires 250 watts, Erg mode will mean you have to pedal at 250 watts, even if your cadence is 20 or 120.  So if you stop, you have to start pedaling at 250 watts.  So I think Erg mode gets disabled temporally until you can get the pedals spinning for a bit