Cancel/change/add workout during ride

Tried workout mode today.  Would like to be able to return to regular ride mode on demand if workout isn’t going well, or I choose to spontaneously join a group.  Or maybe have opportunity to warm up for a lap or two, then start workout during the ride.  10 minute warm-up isn’t enough for my aging legs!


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I agree.  I can’t figure out a way to exit out of a ride to the start page without exiting the program and re launching Zwift. If that is the only way to start a different ride, it seems crude/unpolished.

I agree that there should be a clear way to change up the workout plan after it starts.  In the meantime if you press “e” while Zwift is running you are presented the workout screen.  I’ve done this to swap between ERG/sim mode on my smart trainer and I’ve also done it cancel out of a workout in preference to just ride the virtual world for a while.  It isn’t really intuitive but for now it works to accomplish what you want.  You could start a normal ride and go for ten minutes and then press “e” to select a workout if you want more warm up time.

Thanks!  Great tip.

indeed, great tip.  I had the same experience with a workout just not doing it for me, and I just wanted to spin or race other riders.

It is a good tip.  But for many of us the PC / keyboard is nowhere near the bike :frowning:

This would have been a great tip, but no matter what I did, when I started my ride, after canceling my workout, I was still in erg mode (which BTW, should be a checkbox  and not a radio button—someone who does the Zwift UI needs a basic refresher in control design). Initially it was at 100W which is what my workout finished at. Trying other workouts put me at 60W or whatnot. Even tried going into FTP test and tabbing past all the other power levels to put it in the 20min section, but nope, it was at 80W.

 Not sure why that happened but it probably had something to do with completing the workout. I just wanted to finish the three sisters challenge after doing a workout that somehow locked the system in erg mode. But there was no way I was going to do those climes at 100W max unless I wanted to be on my bicycle for a few more hours. Finally after about 30 minutes of fail, I saved and exited the program. When I came back in, I was at the beginning of my challenge. :frowning:

Agree! I started riding today and after 20 min wanted to do a workout. I had to exit to windows and start zwift again. 

Swapping between ride and workout on the fly is a common sense thing to do. 



If you hit the “e” button on your keyboard you then have the option to select a workout.