Ability to turn on ERG mode during ride

It would be good during a just ride session that you could manually turn on ERG and set a constant watts to ride to. This would help ride to constant watts on a segment so you could try to beat you PB.

Hi you can i train in erg mode with all my trg and have no issues

It’s not trivial, but it can be done. Set up a custom workout at the desired wattage and start the workout mid-ride via the menu (or ‘e’ key on Windows or Mac OS X).

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I would rather have an easy “cruise control” button available on screen that sets your current wattage and holds it via ERG mode.

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Yeah, and I want a pony!

Buy one, but be sure to test the compatibility with Zwift before!

PS. I find Mike’s “cruise control” idea would be a perfect solution. Wrote a workout for it, but it is a workaround.

Where do you put the power meter on the pony, or does it only work with a speed sensor?


So you can turn on a custom workout mid ride…didnt know you could do that. I suppose I could also create a customer workout for say 3 hours at my desired watts, then start the custom workout but turn off ERG straight away, then just before the segment turn ERG back on, thats probably easier right.

Yes, as long as you don’t mind missing out on some potential XP.

Make the workout segmented in short intervals and you can make more XP (depends on your speed, of course - but for my active recovery with 55% FTP is it possible).

I think 62 second intervals are ideal for accruing XP. See