Zwift free trial and custom workouts


I would like to use Zwift HUB to do a ERG Mode workout of # Watts for # minutes. I do not have active paid subscription so I apparently cannot create custom workouts that would accomplish that?

I can’t see options to “just ride” and have ERG mode at certain Watt amount.

I tried searching this forum for help but couldn’t find solution.

What are you running Zwift on?

No ERG mode in free rides is normal

If you have a modern cycling computer you can pair to that for controlling the workout and pair to Zwift for everything else

Yeah, I was just looking for easy option in Zwift to do a training where you would (ERG mode assisted) do defined amount of watts for as long as you like.

I ended up doing a custom workout on my computer (couldn’t do custom workout on mobile app??) that has one hour of ## watts and thats it. I can now activate ERG mode on that custom workout and even adjust the wattage a bit during the workout and if necessary, restart the training to get even more time spent.

Still, sounds way harder than just hitting “just ride” and choosing a setting that you want to have ERG mode @ ## Watts.

Yeah custom workout creation is not supported on phones or Apple TV. PC, Mac, and tablets can create custom workouts.