Ability to activate/deactivate ERG in the Zwift Mobile Link during workout.

Some times in very short intervals at high load it is necessary just turn ERG mode off and after these difficult workouts parts turn ERG mode on. This feature would add more value to the Mobile Zwift Link.

Also see:


It seems that I did not express correctly. The ERG activation at the beginning of the workout is understandable. My suggestion is the ability to change the ERG either on or off during the workout using the Mobile Link App (to avoid any workout interruption). In some cases, manage the ERG mode in short intervals is needed. In example:

Hi Mao!

You’re right! If scroll down in the discussion in the link above, you’ll find the same topic!

I would highly appreciate a button within the app for ERG mode de-/activation!


Totally agree!   Sometimes my ERG mode gets me so bogged down that I have to just stop, and at other times i may be in the middle of a workout and I just need a few seconds to recover.  ERG mode just makes it harder when you do that.

This page mentions that you should be able to turn of erg mode through the mobile app - see the bottom of the page. https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/209980783–How-to-use-ERG-Mode-in-Workouts

Paid special attention, and while connected to Zwift on the laptop, I do not see the ERG button on Zwift Mobile link…

@Maarten Mennes  Press Up arrow key which brings up a menu bar at the bottom of your screen. If you are in a workout with ERG mode the buttton “ERG ON/OFF” will show off.

yes, found it in the meantime. And the new Zwift companion also has it nicely integrated now! Great work from the Zwift team.