ERG Button help

If I understand correctly, this will automatically switch off I. Workout mode and on otherwise?
I hope so because I can’t find the darn button to turn it on/off

The ERG button is on the companion app and on the bottom on screen menu.

If you want to do a workout wit ERG completely off you can select ERG off in the workout menu.

I must be blind….any chance I could get a screen shot? I’ve deleted and downloaded the app, etc and can’t find it in either app or on computer :sunglasses:

Press the up arrow or clicking your mouse near the bottom-middle of your screen to get the menu.


In the workout selection

in the companion app when doing a workout

ERG is only applicable while doing a workout.

this should be stickied on the front page for sure :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: