ERG mode problem

(Sime Zaninovich) #1

Since zwift new update i can not work in my wahoo kirck in ERG mode, what can i do? In the workouts plan it has not ERG option button

(Fnu Ashwani) #2

It’s been verified that a game bug has been discovered which has removed the option to select ERG mode from the Workout Menu on all computers (PC and Mac) used as a platform for Zwift.

We’re not collecting any additional information on the bug at this time, but we expect to have a fix in the next game update, which we’re aiming to send out very soon.

The good news is that ERG mode still works. If you have a smart trainer paired to the game when you start a workout, ERG mode should automatically be turned on by default.

If for any reason you feel that ERG mode is not turned on, you can toggle ERG mode on or off from the Zwift action bar during your rides, or from the Zwift Companion app.

It’s important to remember that ERG mode will only be available in-game or in the Zwift Companion app if your smart trainer is paired as CONTROLLABLE at the Paired Devices screen.

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