ERG mode button in ZCA


Today I accidentally turned off ERG mode during a workout with the button on the workout tab in the Zwift Companion App.

Unfortunately I couldn’t turn it on again with the ZCA. The button was gone and only showed the button for increasing or decreasing gradient instead…


“the button on the left will say “ERG On.” This means your trainer is changing resistance to help keep you at your power targets. Tap it and ERG mode will turn off. The button will say “Incline” now, with two arrows on either side. Those arrows can control the incline your trainer is simulating - in other words, the level of resistance you feel. You can use these controls and/or the gears on your bike to change how hard it is to pedal. If you want to turn ERG mode back on again, just tap “Incline” to switch.“

Just going to throw in my two cents… I find this particular feature unintuitive. I’ve been fooled by it more than once in an oxygen-deprived tough workout brain fog, usually coupled with a trainer erg spiral of doom. (Do I tap the “erg on” button to turn on erg mode, or does it mean that erg mode is currently on and I shouldn’t touch it? Meanwhile, Zwift screams at me to pedal faster…)

Wouldn’t it be more intuitive to have a toggle slider? Erg off / on. Easy.

I guess that the designers would then have to find a place to put the incline control for “erg off” mode, but still, I’m sure it can be done, can’t it?

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Well exactly that happened to me… I had to pause the workout quickly, then continued… ERG was off autmatically… So I wanted to turn it back on… that way I turned it off :slight_smile:

Then there was no “Incline” on the button… just a gradient. And I tapped multiple times on it… didn’t switch on ERG again!!